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Signature Scone Box

$40.00 available on subscription

Signature Flavor Selections

Please choose 3 flavors of scone for your box. You will receive 4 of each flavor.

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12 Signature Scones

Choose your own flavors!
You will get four of each flavor.
Our scones are freshly baked daily and shipped the same day. They are individually wrapped and labeled.

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Lemon Blueberry Scones

Our made from scratch lemon blueberry scones are made with whole blueberries and candied lemon. A perfect combination of sweet and tart. This combo is one of our most popular selections.

Creme Brulee Scones

Rich and creamy flavored, Crème Brule is our most popular scone of all and is our house plain scone. No bits mar the pure perfection of caramel that can only be found in Crème Brule.

White Chocolate Apricot Scones

White Chocolate and Apricot in a scone cannot be beat. Rich and sweet white chocolate plus juicy apricots make the perfect bite. Put them into a flaky made from scratch scone and you'll think you've found heaven.

Cherry Almond Scones

What a combination, cherries and almonds. Tart cherries and crunchy almonds fill this delectable scone full of flavor and will not disappoint.

Orange Cranberry Scones

Our Orange Cranberry scones taste like Florida in your mouth. A burst of citrus from the candied orange compliments the sweet taste of cranberries plus a touch of fresh squeezed orange juice for good measure.

Thin Mint Scones

Who doesn't love the taste of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies? We've captured the flavor in our Thin Mint Scones and wow are they beyond compare.

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